Trophy Wives seems to have been replaced by WAGS as some of these women have acquired fame and fortune in their own right. This article takes a look at some of the most famous women (not forgetting their husbands of course). So who do we consider are the top 10 trophy wives? Let us take a look below.

10) – Georgina Chapman

This former model is also the co-designer of the Marchesa fashion label. She is married to the co-founder of Weinstein Co and Miramax film production companies, Harvey Weinstein. A very beautiful woman who has gained a reputation of having a fiery temper. Today she is often seen as a panelist on the hit TV show Project Runway and through her husband’s companies has had some small bit parts in films.

9) – Nicole Austin

Wife of actor and rapper Ice T she is more well known as Coco. She did have a modeling career prior to her marriage and was featured in magazines such as Playboy and Smooth but is being the wife of Ice T that has made her famous.

8) – Paula Fortunato

Paula chose to marry a much older man, namely Sumner Redstone who runs the global media company Viacom. Ever since their marriage in 2003 following his divorce from his first wife of 55 years rumours have been heard concerning Paula. Once such rumor is that she influenced her husband to stop the relationship between Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise and his production company of 14 years.

7) – Shawn Southwick

Before she married Sharon was successful in her own right. She had starred in TV shows like Knight Rider and was also the host of the TV show Hollywood Insider. She has been married for more than 20 years to talk show host Larry King. Yet she has made her own fortune which is estimated to be worth around $23 million through creating consumer-friendly products for hair extensions.

6) – Lucy Page Southworth

Ms. Page Southworth is married to Larry Page the founder of Google. Along with being very beautiful and intelligent this woman is willing to help others in need. She has two degrees and has spent some time working in South Africa with medical teams. If she wished she could actually enjoy the finer things in life as at present her husband is estimated to be worth around $18.5 billion.

5) – Jeri Thompson

She is married to the Republican candidate Fred Thompson and was talked about more than her husband during the last presidential campaign. She has a career in Washington DC as a political media consultant but it isn’t this that made her famous rather it was the tight fitting dresses she wore and her permatan.

4) – Melanie Craft

Is well known for being the author of Fabio type romance novels. However, things changed for her when she chose to marry the founder of Oracle Software, Lawrence Ellison. Although her husband is believed to be worth around $18 billion this has made Melanie choose to sit back on her laurels. Today she acts as director of the Ellison Medical Foundation an organization set up by her husband and still continues to write her romance novels.

3) – Carla Bruni

Before marrying the current French Prime Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla was romantically involved with several celebrities and politicians. She was involved at one stage with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and Donald Trump. Plus she also had a liaison with Laurent Fabius a former prime minister of France. Yet she had a great career as a supermodel before her marriage and was also respected in the music industry for her singing and songwriting.

2) – Penny Lancaster

Penny is the wife of singer Rod Stewart and yet although this brought her more fame she was a well-known face before. Prior to her marriage to this aging rocker, Penny had a successful modeling career. She was seen on billboards around the UK when modeling Ultimo Lingerie.

1) – Melania Knauss

The final lady in our top 10 trophy wives list is married to entrepreneur Donald Trump. She was born in Slovenia and they met in 1999 at a fashion event. Following this chance meeting, she was given a job as a model for Allure Magazine. She married Donald in 2005 and their first child was born in 2006. She helps today to boost her husband’s brands by appearing at public relation events for him. However, she still makes sure that her own image is boosted by making sure she is a key person in the New York Social Scene.

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