Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and although it constitutes a region of Italy, this diverse island belongs to the world. With over 620 miles (1000 km) of coastline – 931 miles (1500 km) if you include all of the islands – you can easily see whey Sicily is a popular yacht charter destination. The top places to see while in Sicily span a wide variety of sites, all of which will make your vacation enchanting and unforgettable.

Aeolian Islands: Known for their stunning beaches, be sure to stay for dinner and try some fresh seafood and delicious cuisine.

1) Agrigento

This top place to visit while in Sicily is a historic goldmine, boasting several ancient Greek temples. The Temple of Concord, located in Agrigento, is one of the best archeological sites on the island. Another site, the “Valley of the Temples,” is situated past fragrant almond orchards and olive groves just outside of town.

2) Cefalù

Located an hour from the capital of Palermo, this ancient city is quaint and friendly. The narrow cobbled streets and unique shops along with the ancient temples and castle ruins, all make this seaside town a worthy part of your vacation. Be sure to tour the amazing Norman cathedral and spend some time at the public beach.

3) Erice

This town holds a famous Good Friday passion procession that surpasses others across Europe. The town has mimicked the ancient stone accents of medieval times in gray stone walls, a castle, and a church.

4) Mount Etna

Sicily’s highest mountain is cloaked in legend and myth. Jeep tours travel up the mountainside where it’s cool in the summer and snow-covered during the winter.

5) Monreale

Overlooking the city of Palermo lies Monreale, a village that is steeped in interesting historical facts. Learn about Thomas Becket, the English saint murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, and the heart of Saint Louis. Then stop by Dietro l’Angolo’s for a slice of pizza and a spectacular view.

6) Nebrodi Mountains

A lush forest area featuring tall peaks and “Mediterranean” appeal. If on SS 289 during the dinner hour, be sure to stop by Villa Miraglia to sample the Nebrodian Black Swine that is unique to the area.

7) Palermo

The regional capital of Palermo is one of the top places to see while in Sicily, not because it is the largest city, but due to its interesting historic legacy. Former home to kings and emirs, the city holds monasteries, castles, a cathedral, and a palace along with art galleries and a museum of archeology. Palermo also contains all of the elements of a bustling modern city.

8) Piazza Armerina

Visit this Roman villa for a glimpse into some of the most beautiful and extensive mosaic pavements spanning a variety of themes including rural scenes, plants and animals, and classic designs.

9) Segesta

Home to arguably the best preserved Doric temple of the ancient Greek world, complete with an ancient amphitheater set high on a hill.

10) Siracusa

An important ancient city in the time of Greek and Roman times, Siracusa still contains fascinating archeological sites, including standing columns of the ancient temple.

11) Taormina

A mountaintop resort town overlooking the Ionian coast, Taormina has the modern elements of restaurants, shops, and beaches as well as a historical side of the Greek amphitheater, medieval walls and streets, and several castles.

While there are many places to visit while in Sicily, be sure to take time to visit a few of these fabulous destinations to make your vacation complete.