If you are serious gamer, you will have a clear idea of ​​the first 2011 games. Although this game is difficult to rank different games, though a list of some popular names is built below.

You come home and throw the face of young girl and little sissy on a TV screen, destroying the entire galaxy with her battles. You’re hurt. You are the Google top games that enable children to be able to find answers. You know she should be out on the lane, in the sun, living alive, and feeling alive. A young man’s murder takes a hit and a blast, and he catches. It is not surprising that many children are fat due to lack of functionality.

In a world where Wii, Xbox, and Sony PlayStation strike their children with this fast-colored graphics on graphics and almost reliable games around the world, parents sometimes want to say more.

Well, today’s child will get the best eye and hand adjustment, it’s better than the children here (this is the same) which was already the only Nintendo family computer or game. Still, we know that this is not good enough, and they are not important: great outdoors.

Here are the top games that children have to keep active. And maybe you want to join.

1: Ultimate Fear. In more than ten dollars, a winner is a winner winner in keeping your child active. They can play with their friends, or you can also enter the butt in the fun. For the best results, fascinating is its brightness, so night will not stop you.

2: Hansero’s Nef is a cosmic distance. Usually catching ball tired? Navy’s cosmic remains is an interactive bidding ball that orders and still holds a score. To select from three game modes (moving players to each other while attempting to interfere with the opposing team, etc.), it will definitely move to your children. Good for six players. Price: $ 20.

3: Booth. Another ball game with a twist. At this time, this twelve-sided baby is a hairball that you throw in the field, after which you can connect with your color-related benz and ring and pray that you get as close as possible. A wrist tracker has a score and offer that looks like every round (you’re tailored to follow the tips).

4: Rector’s Rider 360. It’s classic three wheels, but crazier. It replaces two rear wheels with great tricycle casters, it also gives the unique ability to snap 360 degrees (for this reason) as long as it stays on the road. Of course it is one of the top games that keep the children active this year.

5: Rapid Stack Caster Board. Another wonderful concept from the resort, this board also praises a surfer and snowboarder goals. Do not worry two wheels (unlike four regular wheels of your regular skate board). The rear stack is well balanced, pedaling (not just the need to rotate the body, which is definitely sure to keep your child active), and is not needed to say, to enjoy the ride not required. Price: $ 75
6: Badminton. Get two rackets, nets, and a premium shuttlecock by the developer and you’re good to go.

7: LED Nair: One of the top sports games of 2011, PlayStation and XB users, LEDs. Team Band’s mind in Nair is combined with the Rockstar game. The theme of this game is set in Los Angeles in the year 1947, the players used different ways to ask the city to solve the crime. It is a complete mixture of car chases, investigations, outcome results, it is a very interesting and addicting game to play.

8: The Guerrillas of War 3: The concept of this game tries to solve the survival of human survival while dealing with fury. In the 3 Corinthians of War, Humanity tries to fight against the new threat as well as the Lustist. Created by Microsoft Games Studio-related Games, this is the only third person shooter made for Xbox owners only.

9: Chris 2: Electronic Art is produced by Chris, it can be played through PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows Owners. Three years after the first game setting, there is a result for the first Crisis game set in 2023. New York City has been fired due to alien invasion and is now facing the risk of the disaster including “Manhattan Virus” which is killing everyone in its way. The first person allows the player to play as a red marine in the name of shooter electra.

10: BlackStorm: The first person to shoot people with mixed built-in electronic arts, designed for users of Xbox 360, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, and the first person shoots by epic games is the shooter game. It is established in the 26th century, where a secret army has defended the Confederation of the drone known planet. It allows players to use a number of weapons to protect the Confederation.

11: Dragons Age 2: Electronic Arts, Dragon Age Age 2 is one of the 2011’s most up-to-date games developed by Admirton’s studio. It is designed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation and Mac OSX and is a rolling game. . The gamer plays as a hockey, a soldier who comes home to Cairo as a homeless refugee, but goes to one of the country’s syllomers.

Still looking for the top sports children to keep active? Too much Although at the end of the day, keep in mind that you are the owner