The top health and sweetness network promoting corporations embrace a large vary of corporations – some are around for several years, like Avon 1886; whereas some area unit relative newcomers, like MonaVie introduced in Jan 2005. Indeed, several of the mature corporations gift their company and compensation set up as a right away Sales organization. there’s a distinction, tho’ for the needs of this text any company UN agency offers health and sweetness product AND permits or rewards individuals for increasing their distributor base are going to be thought of a network promoting company.

During the analysis part for this text, I used to be a bit shocked by the comparatively low average annual financial gain per distributor. This was true of any Direct Sales or Network promoting organization. So, make certain you perform your due diligence once work a network business chance. we have a tendency to all hear this typically, however, work on the far side your emotions of the ballyhoo touting the highest earner’s financial gain Associate in Nursing resolve what it very takes to earn a financial gain you want.

Ok, let’s begin with maybe the “Grandmother” of health and sweetness – Avon.

Avon is “The founding father of trendy direct commercialism and also the acknowledged world leader in cosmetics.” consistent with the corporate had $10.3 billion in sales rumored for 2009 made by half dozen.2 million distributors. That comes resolute $1,661.29 per distributor for the year. Naturally, there area unit of us with either an outsized client base or distributor network creating additional – which suggests there area unit loads of individuals creating less.

In fact, whereas conducting analysis for this text, i used to be astounded at however in depth the merchandise line has become. Personally, I knew Avon sold cosmetics, jewelry, and some public lavatory colognes, however had no plan what percentage product they very supply. Being from the South, the Avon SkinSoSoft is employed by several people to fight the limited No-SeeUms (gnats).

Like all network promoting organizations, Avon could be a legitimate financial gain chance for those that grasp the thought of business building additionally to non-public sales.


Amway was based in 1959 by Steve Van Andel and Rick DeVos once they left Nutrilite product. Amway had rumored annual sales revenue for 2009 of $8.4 billion. With a rumored three million and distributors, that involves concerning $2,800 per distributor.

Amway needs to be one in all the foremost recognizable brands within the U.S., maybe the globe. a short visit to the corporate web site demonstrates their international presence – the countries and languages supported – locomote throughout earth, Asia, and Europe – area unit simply too various to list here. There greatest (and most profitable coups) needs to be mutually of the few network promoting organizations in China – with its humongous one.3 billion population!

Anyone here speaks Mandarin?

Mary Kay

Mary Kay needs to be one in all the favourite network promoting success stories. based in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, a unmarried and dealing mum, Mary Kay has full-grown into a worldwide promoting organization. What role model! Not only for ladies, however to anyone UN agency moans and groans concerning their “situation”.

In 2009, Mary Kay had Associate in Nursing calculable $2.5 billion in sales revenue with Associate in Nursingd an calculable two million distributors – averaging concerning $1,250 per distributor.

Mary Kay company web site – (To the most effective of my data, i do not have any business or relationship to any Mark Kay distributor, an organization worker or company officer. I rather like Mary Kay Ashes story.)

Natura Cosmeticos, SA


Natura Cosmeticos, established in 1969, could be a health and sweetness company primarily based in Brazil. they need operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, France, Venezuela, and Colombia. the corporate offers over 900 product through its network promoting distributors and stores.

There is no mention on their web site of distributorships operative or perhaps on the market in North America or Europe. perhaps that is Associate in Nursing opportunity!

Natura Cosmeticos had calculable 2009 sales revenue of $2.4 billion greenbacks and one million and distributors. This equates to just about $2,400 per distributor.

There area unit variety of how to rate prime health and sweetness network promoting company. this text simply presents data found concerning the rumored sales volume and also the range of distributors to work out the typical annual financial gain per distributor. This raw style of information doesn’t speak to the intrinsic price an individual receives from their relationship with their sponsor nor the corporate.

Personally, I take pleasure in associating with network marketers as a result of they appear to a number of the foremost positive thinking individuals on earth! Some, granted area unit money dreamers, however they still sexual practice.