Google Photos is a service that includes other services, such as dropboxes, OneDrive, and Flickr, which you can automatically back up your photos. All these services help provide instant access to your photos on any device. Nevertheless, only Google Photos will offer you an unlimited backup of your photos. This is the second reason, unlike other services, Google has many features that are not the rest of the photos. For example, the ability to auto-duplicate automatically and automatically remove duplicated images of the ability to store your photos in high resolution for an internal tagging icon. Although Google Photos is not available yet, as long as one of the fastest growing services with more than 500 active users.

As soon as Google Photos offer the best backup services, any user has to communicate with all their features for effective services. There are 15 easy tricks to master Google Photos:

1. Close cellular data

It is mandatory for smartphone users who have unlimited data. Many users use Google Photos not only to backup photos on these cameras, but automatically backed up photos that were on their smartphones. For this reason, it is important to turn off backups on mobile data and allow the Google Photos app to back up only when charging your phone to protect your battery life.

2. Upload old photos

In order to save you more storage, it is important that you upload your old photos to Google Photos Library. This is a simple process that only includes pictures dragging and falling from external storage. In the library, images will be based on their history that they were taking, when you need them, you are easy to find them. Your connectivity will determine how long the uploading process will be.

3. Free space on your phone more free

Regardless of a user without any SD card or unlimited storage, for any phone, you must free your site regularly. Google Photos really does this well by tapping on the free upload storage in the Settings menu. This is a safe process because you can always access them if the uploaded photos are deleted when the internet is connected.

4. Label your photos

Labeling is useful for people in your photos. That’s why you can easily identify them by searching for their name in Google Photos. This makes it easy for you to simplify every image of the person searching. This time also saves especially when you’re in a hurry.

5. Get free unlimited storage

Google’s images offer unlimited storage with a minor cave. It only offers maximum 16MP resolution. It can be difficult to save video and pictures to their original quality because they will eat all over. It solves your photos and videos on a high quality solution to resolve it. This helps you free space somewhere.

6. Edit and save your photos

Your photos in Google Photos have an option to modify your keywords that you later have. This feature allows you to add a background color, a crop between others. You can not easily remove your videos or photos. However, you need to save pictures after editing them.

7. Remove Geography

Photos and videos have been taken from your phone. Today they have many location details. It’s good for your storage because you want to remember everyone about the details. However, Google Photos use this photo to map your photos where you take pictures. It’s not good because you do not want people to know or gain access to the photos where they can be taken, especially when you share through emails. Therefore, a geographical tour is the best way to finish.

8. Back up photos from other apps

Google Photos not only backup images on your tablet or smartphone. It has a feature that allows you to back up your photos in other apps such as installs and facebook in other tools. You can easily choose which devices can enable backup on the Settings menu.

9. Animated

This is another simple trick that makes your photo gallery more attractive. The ability to make calls, slideshows, animations and movies from your photos becomes very easy. You need to work with the ‘Assistant section’ where you get the cards for tips on creating different animations or colleges. This is Google Auto creation Photos interested in editing.

10. Check your search options

Use it to use it. When you’re looking for videos and pictures, it’s a simple task to find what you’re looking for. Play with search options but just search for Google Photos through common and explicit names.

11. Sharing and Information

Google Photos come with a unique feature that makes sharing photos and videos easier. This is through a link that is either either a photo or a group of them easily. It is necessary to regularly modify them so that you get rid of the people who no longer need. It is easily done through the combined link icon on the app.

12. View your photos and videos in Google Drive

It’s one of the tricks that anyone should use Google Photos. You can easily view your photos and videos through the Photos interface. This feature works in your hand, especially if you already have a lot of text on your Google Drive.

13. Send videos to YouTube

This is another trick that shares fast and easy video sharing. Google Photos have the option to import photos and videos to your YouTube channel. It also gives the option to add, title, and share a title.

14. Create stories from pictures

This feature makes Google Photos very interesting. Stories often have captions like directed directed albums. It is easily done via mobile apps. This process includes related images, add captions and locations to provide more information.

15. Change your viewpoint

Changing your point of view involves zoom and out to maximize your photos. This is sometimes done using your two fingers. However, Google Photos provides an easy way to do the same. The service allows you to change the view of the mobile app so you can get a comfortable look.